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Once you start looking, you will find various creators of artificial turfWarrington will not disappoint you in this regard. However, many of these companies might not deliver even half of what they initially promise. Therefore, it is important to do your homework. Here, at the K9 turf, we never compromise on quality. We have been in business for 30 years, and over the time, we have gained a reputation for providing best solutions. We are well aware of the fact that safety comes first. Therefore, we use natural substances like zeolite to kill all the disease-causing bacteria.

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The maintenance of real grass requires a lot of work and commitment, and most of us are certainly not good at it. You have to reserve a certain amount of time to mow it. Not to mention the huge quantity of water that you sprinkle on the plants from time to time. Sometimes, during stormy seasons, the front yard becomes a mess.

On the other hand, the list is quite long when it comes to the benefits of the artificial grass Warrington is home to a number of synthetic turf manufacturers. K9 Turf is one of the top companies that have expedited the clients with top quality turfs.

One-time investment

Keeping in mind all the advantages of synthetic turf, it is clear that synthetic turf will make your life a lot easier. Apart from saving water, you will also assist in sustaining the cleanliness of the atmosphere. Therefore, once you choose artificial grass by K9 turf, you make a one-time investment. You do not have to spend money to hire a gardener or by pesticides like most people do. This way, you will also save your precious time, which you can spend on other productive activities. Hence, if you make your mind, you just have to contact us. Our highly skilled professionals will make sure that you are given assistance from the start until the end.

Lawn World Artificial Grass

Fake Grass For Dogs

Dog friendly artificial grass

Being a dog lover along with an enthusiast for gardens is a fight with yourself. If you keep your garden well-maintained, your dog will probably ruin it. If you look out for your dog, the garden will never reach its best form. For this reason, we offer artificial grass for dogs! You can now dream of having a smooth garden with lush green low maintenance grass that will not be harmful to your dog either!  With no risk of infestations, no yield growth, and no urine smell, your garden will look even better than it could with real grass.

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The artificial grass for dogs made by lawn world has no other competition. It has been designed in a way which gives it the most natural look possible. Every little aspect of dog ownership has been kept in mind. From hygiene to the possibility of having a naughty dog to drainage, nothing is an issue with our product. It has been designed strongly so that it is sturdy against dogs who like to dig in the mud. Your dog can run around, be overly enthusiastic and you wouldn’t have a thing to worry about. 

4 phase system

Our artificial grass for dogs comes with a unique installation technique. The 4 phase system ensures that there is no room for harmful ammonia or bad odors. There is no way that the pet urine will not drain out. This ensures that our artificial grass for dogs remains safe and hygienic. This installation process also helps in the auto-clean system of the grass. Every time it rains, your grass will be clean as new. There is zero risk of infestations too.  

Lawn World Fake Grass 

Artificial Grass For Dogs, Fake Grass For Dogs

Our artificial grass for dogs doesn’t compromise on quality a tad bit. Here are some of the key features that our artificial grass for dogs possesses which also makes it the best option for you.

You might find some other brands marketing their artificial grass as dog-friendly. The truth is, it isn’t just about the top of the grass but the backing plays a major part as well. A lot of the times this factor is not considered by buyers or sellers. However, our artificial grass for dogs comes with polyurethane backing instead of latex. The issue with latex is that it absorbs urine, doesn’t get rid of ammonia and develops a bad odor over time. These factors make it unhygienic for not just pets, but also for humans.

Other than the multiple layers of crushed rocks and grano sand, the artificial grass for dogs is laid over plastic batten. It is firmly connected with concrete edges. The reason for this connection proves that this grass was designed keeping in mind all aspects of keeping a pet. With this firm connection, the dog will not be able to pull up the fake grass. The worms from deep inside the ground won’t be able to come to the surface either. Visit Website


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Fake Grass For Dogs

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